CW's Vision

To be a reputable contract manufacturer with unsurpassed skills in all fields present in our industry.

CW's Mission

It is our mission to build on the cornerstones we have identified in order to create a steadfast company, growing towards our vision and weathering adverse economical conditions.

Cornerstones @ CW

Integrity @ CW

Transparency in our conduct is crucial to building strong relationships with the clients that we serve. Our absolute aim is ethical business practice so that we can always answer for our actions and build strong, valuable relationships with our customers.

Innovation @ CW

Being aware of new technology and changes within the industry makes us an excellent partner in the product development and manufacturing processes. We can supply tips and trends on what is happening within the industry and recommend particular approaches that would suit and build any brand.

Leadership @ CW

The aim at CW is to create an environment where employees can be part of the business planning process and have input into ways the company is managed. We aim to look beyond traditional management systems therefore aim to create an atmosphere where employees can take initiative, train continuously to become better at what they do and be driven by results.

Governance @ CW

Building a successful business in today's turbulent economic circumstances requires stringent process and conformity to best-practice standards in every corner of our business. We endeavour to train staff and manage every asset and process in our business in a fashion that would be cost-effective and would not harm our employees and the environment that we operate in. Our commitment to full compliance in our everyday production and administration makes us aware of risks and governing our business safely in turn also safeguarding our customer's interests.

Services @ CW (overview)

We offer a wide range of services, from managing new product development and projects in our Research and Development department, sourcing and procurement of raw materials and packaging by our experienced logistics team, manufacturing and packaging in our new factory, quality control, warehousing and assurance by our GMP experienced quality team.

Our production lines implement the required needed machinery i.e. tube sealers, labelling, cream fillers and liquid fillers. Procedures such as inkjet batch coding and shrink wrapping products to ship comes standard. In addition we have a large separate area for assembling kits and gift packs that clients may require for events such as nationwide promotions or special product launches. The new factory was designed to allow production to take place in separate areas connected in a logical order corresponding to the sequence of operations, and using top quality materials and finishes which permit thorough cleaning and result in superior levels of hygiene. The facility covers over 2000 m2 made up of raw material warehousing, separate areas for dispensing raw materials, a compounding area with separate bulk storage, a filling and packaging area and a safe separate area where finished goods are stored as per clients' wishes. We have an additional 1000 m2 of warehouse space for the safekeeping of materials. Our Research and Development and Quality Control laboratories are separate from but close to the productions areas. We have space for retention storing, quarantine and holding areas. Our receiving and dispatch areas are all covered to protect in- and outbound goods.

We adhere strictly to industry Good Manufacturing Practices and our Quality division routinely perform in-house inspections and audits of our facilities and systems. CW Pharmaceuticals is focussed on meeting or exceeding the quality and service expectations of our customers, as well as meeting their requirements for short lead times and small batch sizes when needed. We strive to be increasingly cost effective and provide competitive pricing in order to establish long-term relationships with our clients.

Please see our Products and Services page for detail on the above.
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